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Master Jeweler Stephen Page

Master Jeweler Stephen Page has been supplying custom metal, stone, and design work to high-end jewelry stores in the Baltimore-Annapolis area since 1972. Working in an industry overwhelmed by mass production and cut corners, he prides himself on the exceptional quality and durability of his creations. He explains the importance of a piece of jewelry being able to withstand the tests of time in simple terms. An heirloom must last for generations to be passed down for generations.

Due to his reputation throughout the industry as a problem solver, his workshop is never in short supply of difficult and unusual projects. He receives individual jobs from all over the country that other smiths have labeled as untouchable.

Working in all styles and motifs, Stephen’s designs are elegant and often unique. Describing jewelry as the world’s most displayed form of artwork, he lists four qualities as absolutely necessary for any design: beauty, balance, structural integrity, and wearability.

One of the East Coast’s finest goldsmiths, Stephen works in all colors and karats of gold, as well as platinum and silver. At any given time his work may require the use of a heavy hammer and anvil, or a stereo microscope and tools so small that they must be custom made.

In the past Stephen served as an active member of the Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore. He has held executive office in this organization as well as membership in the Board of Directors. He also teaches classes for the Guild in goldsmithing and stone cutting.

Comparing his extensive supply of rough gemstone to a painter’s pallet, Stephen cuts jewelry stones of all varieties. He also does carving work including such pieces as portrait cameos, bas-reliefs, and miniature sculptures. His work is considered exceptional in this area as he is noted for pushing the materials to their working limits.

During the course of his career Stephen has created presentation pieces for the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Baltimore Symphony, the Baltimore Opera Company, the Babe Ruth Museum, and the Queen Elizabeth II. He has also done a number of repairs and refurbishings for the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore and the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.


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